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Travertine is Trending once again.


No one can be surprised with the vast amount of changes 2020 has caused. However, not all of those are bad or entail wearing a mask 24/7.


A few weeks ago, Etsy (a popular handmade marketplace) published their "Marketplace Insights: Spring and Summer 2021 Trends" and while some trends surprised us…looking at you "Mushroom motifs" which had an "758% YoY increase in searches on Etsy for mushroom pillows and pillowcases"…one trend didn't surprise us at all.

 Etsy Spring 2021 Shopping TrendsSpring Marketplace Insights: Spring and Summer 2021 Trends 




While our customers clearly thought travertine never left based on the immense popularity of our travertine collection, Etsy also noticed a 361% YoY increase in searches on Etsy for travertine tables.


Looking at these spring trends, it is Looking at these 2021 spring trends, it is no surprise that our best seller so far this year has been our plain travertine coasters. (See below)


Travertine Drink Coasters

Spring 2021 Best Seller: Absorbent Travertine Drink Coasters - Acorn Hill Collective 



The light beige color and the premium stone provide an elegant yet rustic style that matches any décor. Plus, did I mention that travertine is known for its absorbent qualities?


Yes, that’s right, on a warm summer day, these travertine coasters will soak up the dripping condensation from your glass of water…or wine…we won’t judge ;)


Click here to view out Travertine Coaster collection

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