How to get stuff done (Step 5)

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Are you one of people that talk a big game, have enormous goals, but usually miss the mark, if you ever actually get started? (Be honest with yourself)

Have you ever sat down all motivated to work, and after 10 minutes you are still steering at your reflection in the blank Microsoft Word screen?  

If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, you are screwed.


Don’t worry. We have all been there, TRUST ME. This used to be me every single day. Over the past three years I have learned how to actually fight through this procrastination and now you are going to learn the 3 main tips to get the stuff done that you know you need to do.

1. Start each day by writing a list of goals

Dr. Gail Matthews, a psychology professor at the Dominican University in California found that you become 42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams, simply by writing them down on a regular basis.” (Read the rest of the study here)

I personally love using Excel and usually have my laptop nearby rather than a pen and paper so I start each day look at a nice page of rows and columns. Here is an example:

Excel list of business goals

This is a simple spreadsheet. I title the columns with the dates for each day of the month. After each day I have an “X” column to mark whether I have completed the goal or not. If you are like “Michael, this is just a pretty To-Do list” well you are kinda right.

This a list of tasks but as a “Goal” list I would suggest you make these larger tasks that require more energy than something as simple as “Shower” or “Make bed.”


  1. At the bottom of your sheet you have a list of “Overall Monthly Goals” and “Yearly Goals” to make sure your daily goals are always putting on the path to accomplish your bigger and large term goals.
  2. Color code your tasks.
    1. Green for Growth Activities (growing your business/your knowledge)Ex. Making a new product or researching SEO
    2. Red for Maintenance Activities (required activities that maintain your level)
      1. Ex. Cleaning, fulfilling orders, paying taxes
    3. Blue for Fun Activities
      1. Ex. Walking a trail looking for product inspiration  

2. Stay Disciplined

Staying disciplined is never easy. Especially with pictures of super cute dogs with puppy eyes all over the internet like these ones.

(Note how I did not include the pictures on the blog page because you would never finish reading this)

One of the things that I have found useful with dealing with the distractions Instagram and Snapchat notifications popping up constantly is to remove my phone from the room.

Try this out now. Pick up your phone. (I bet you right now that it is within 2 feet of you, if I’m wrong comment below.) Walk out of the room and leave your phone in the next room.

This works because we are LAZY. If you were distracted and had your phone at arms distance you would simply unlock your phone and soon be lost in the depths of social media for hours.

 If it’s a 20 step walk away you will have to put in a whole lot more effort to answer that snapchat. Plus without seeing notifications pop up you won’t be tempted to answer them.

Set goals for yourself. Work in 20 minute intervals. Power through some work. Then get up, walk around, and rest your eyes. Every 3 breaks you can check your phone.

If you stay with this and are disciplined in working you will notice your productivity increase exponentially. 

3. Motivation

Motivation, like all good things is good in small proportions. Sometimes to get start and pumped up to start working all you need is to hear an inspiration or motivational speech. I have linked some of my favorites below.

Be careful though. The point where motivation is more harm than good is when you spend all of your time watching motivational videos or reading inspirational books as a form of procrastination!


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