How to Find the Sold Price on any Etsy Listing

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How to price the sold price on any Etsy listing

Have you ever wondered what a product sold for on Etsy? You might be a seller yourself, doing research for your business or you may be a buyer trying to figure out a good price to pay. Well, I am here to provide you the answer.

Steps to finding out the sold price to any etsy listing:

  • Find a sold listing

For this example we will be using a sold listing of mine. If you want to follow along yourself, click on this link.


  1. Click on the white space next to the listing how to find sold prices on etsy listings
  2. The sold listing now appears! finding etsy sold listings
  3. Right click on the space next to the description so this option box appearscan you see what price a etsy product sold for
  4. Click “Inspect”
  5. When this “Inspect element” box appears press “Ctrl” + “F” to find a specific string of codeetsy sold listing prices
  6. Type “price into the find box (yes, only the opening “). You should see what Is shown below, a yellow highlighted section of codelocate the price etsy items sold for
  7. Last step is to scroll down and you will see the price this listing sold for!

 finding etsy sold prices using inspect elements

I hope this helps follow sellers and buyers find what prices they should be selling their products for. Let me know if you have any questions! Do you have any other free ways to find sold listing prices? Let me know below in the comments.


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  • An update to my comment of July 3rd 2022, Etsy have now removed the price from the ‘Preview Item Details’ of sold items, that they were showing a few months ago!

    And to Danielle St Pierre’s query on March 24, 2021, yes Michael’s tip definitely still works as I’ve just done it myself this morning on this sold item:, where I can now see the sold price is £258.13.

    I’ve shown in this pic how I used Michael’s 3 steps to find the price of that old photo. Took me about 30 seconds!

    (nothing sinister in that link, btw!)

    Helen Elizabeth Ayres on
  • Thankfully, Etsy now seems to have added a ‘Preview Item Details’ button, which means your technique (though very helpful at the time, I have to say!) has been superseded.

    I found I was able to check the sold price of a load of things this morning, so not quite sure when this change took place – I haven’t noticed it before.

    Maybe time for an update of this article? Mildly annoying for you, given the helpful work you put in at the time. Who knows, maybe they’ll change it again at some point!

    Helen Ayres on
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    floyd on
  • Thank you it worked perfectly!

    Laura Carson on
  • There is an extension for that:

    Nika on

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