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Now you can choose any 4 stamped travertine coasters!

One easy step! Purchase this listing and write an email to me with the four stamp designs you wanted stamped on your travertine coasters in the. ( ) 

Your stamp options are:

-Dog Print Coaster
-Mustache Coaster
-Heart Coaster
-Goose Coaster

-Seagull Stamp

-Floral A

-Floral B

-Floral C

-Tree Coaster
-Butterfly Coaster
-Fleur De Lis Coaster

Yes, you may have multiples of one stamp design. Ex. 2 goose, 1 heart, 1 dog print


•Each is backed with cork to protect any surface they are placed on
•Coasters are completely natural, no sealant applied, just the tile, stamp, and cork which allows the coasters to absorb more water
•Tile is approximately 4" x 4" x 3/8" (with cork approx. 7/16" tall) each coaster weighs 9.1 oz. and each set of 4 weighs 2.43 oz.
•These beautiful coasters look great on any surface and are the ideal gift for friends, coworkers, or family
•The tumbled travertine tile is a natural stone making each one look slightly different from the next, due to being a natural stone the tiles may contain small chips, rounded corners, specks of other colors, streaks, grooves, holes etc.
• The coasters pictured above are not necessarily the ones you will receive since multiple sets are offered, however they will all look similar, each stamped image may have different white spots or none at all due to where the most pressure is put when I stamp
•To clean use damp cloth, when the coaster gets wet it will turn a tan color, it will dry by to normal color, however they may stain if a liquid other than water sits on them so wipe quickly if spilled on

If you have any additional questions feel free to ask.

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